Give Yourself A Hand

Can you believe it's the end of May already? And we haven't even celebrated around these parts! Cinco de Mayo? No, but May has been named National Masturbation Month! Go ahead and give yourself a hand.

Masturbation is something I'm often asked about. So many wonder if it's a sin to pleasure yourself since there are so many mixed messages given in faith communities and on the Internet. I used to seriously struggle with this answer until I came across an interesting Bible study that gave a pretty cool perspective.

It explained that the Bible does not directly talk about masturbation, good or bad, so it's difficult to draw  conclusions on what "thus saith the Lord." What they did say, however, is that it is a gift. Masturbation gives you the ability to quench your thirsts without falling into sin or causing anyone else to fall either. They do caution, however, against using "perverted" imagery to either cause arousal or climax. Also, it's important that masturbation is simply a part of your sexual expression, not something that becomes a compulsion or ends up interfering with your everyday activities. As with anything, moderation is key. If you find that you cannot function without partaking in a specific activity (be it masturbating or using substances), it's a good idea to seek professional help.

So there you have it. Is masturbation a sin? Absolutely not. However, it's important that you understand why so many caution against it. I believe people speak against masturbation because they're afraid people will become bound to it. Will some people? Possibly, but it doesn't make the practice evil.

Also, it's important to understand your body and know what pleases you. YOU are responsible for your orgasm. Yes, even in partnered sex. You are responsible. I think it's unfair to blame another person for your dissatisfaction. Are there horrible sex partners? Of course. However, it's important that you educate yourself on your own body so you can guide your partner in pleasing you.

Enjoy the rest of the month!

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