Two Virgins?

I like @KevOnStage. His videos are generally pretty hilarious (Check out thePlaymakers1 on YouTube). Also, I appreciate his candid answer to this question.

So I've heard lots of opinions about this topic, and what I generally hear from men and women vary. From most women, I hear they don't want to marry a virgin because they feel their skill level may not be up to par. On the other hand, I hear men say they don't necessarily have to marry a virgin, but they don't want a woman that is too experienced. So is there a happy medium or a magic number?

Honestly, I think two virgins (or people who don't have much sexual experience, even though they may have had sex) can get married and have fulfilling sex lives. This could provide a great opportunity to learn about each other and what truly pleases your partner and yourself. I mean, really, even if you know all the tricks of the trade, your husband or wife may need different tricks to satisfy them and you'll be starting from where they are anyway.

So yes, I think two virgins getting together and learning about sex together can be a great thing. Does it happen often in our society? Probably not, but I still think it's an opportunity people too readily dismiss.

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